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Video Information Processing With Enhanced Functionality
Video Information Processing With Enhanced Functionality
Project Overview

The project aims at building an effective video-information representation and harnessing system. The representation scheme should be applicable to most videos and be rich enough to allow for various kind of video information encoding and access. The system should extract video objects and other semantic features from video sequences, characterize object interactions, scene activity and events, with minimum possible human intervention, using both visual and aural information. A novel representation modality of the video sequences in terms of these descriptors will be evolved which will permit a variety of useful operations like generation of video summaries, application driven semantic transcoding of video content and hyper-linking of video segments exhibiting similarity of content or other semantic relation(s), which are quintessential to content guided video browsing in a hyperlinked organization of a video collection. For universal interpretation and use of the semantic concepts in video information there is a need for associated domain ontology. This will make possible integration of the system with the Semantic Web and allow it to interact with other knowledge based information systems in the distributed environment. The proposed system will also provide for ontology driven access mechanism to the video based information.

Main objectives of this project were to develop

  • A scheme for construction and extraction of semantic features involving video objects and frame based characteristics for describing content of the video in terms of both aural and visual features
  • An ontological specification for video information for enabling inter-operable conceptual access
  • A representational scheme for video documents for efficient video information browsing, semantic transcoding, querying and semantics driven delivery.

Prof. Shantanu Chaudhary

Kavita, Ritu, Ruchi

Minisitry Of Communication and Information Technology

Participating Institutes
  • IIT-Delhi
  • CEERI Pillani
  • IIT Bombay
  • Jadhopur University
  • IIIT Hyderabad
  • CDAC-Kolkata