Initiating a National Programme on Perception Engineering (NCP)
Project Overview
  • National programme on perception engineering is to initiate inter dispciplinary reseach activity in perception engineering at multiple institutes in country and create platforms for collaborative work involving technologists and biologists.
  • The program will strengthen:
    • Research in Conginitive Science and Perceptual Psychology.
    • Research in Brain Modelling,Visual Perceptions,Hearing Perceptions,Perception and in Artificial Sensing, namely Hapties,Taste and Smell.
    • Research into development of engineering systems motivated by the Biologists/Psychology based findings.
    • Promotion of research in perceptual Robotics.
    • Reseach in the development of algorithams and advanced computer architectures for machine perception bases upon the models of human perception in applicable areas.
    • Collaboration with nationally and inter-nationally distingushied scientists in research Programmes.
    • Development of technically competent manpower in the area of Perception Engineering through teaching and research at undergraduate,post graduate and research levels.
    • Creation of community in country.
  • This will also help in promoting collaborative research in application specify deliverable like
    • E-Tongue based water/tea/coffee quality monitoring.
    • E-Nose based air pollution monitoring.
    • Smart video conferencing for tele-teaching/e-learning
    • Smart robotics for handling hazardous Enviornments and Disaster Management

Principal Invesigator/Co-Principal Investigator
Prof. Shantanu Chaudhary (PI)

Staff Associated: NIlu Nalini, Pooja Kalra
Students Associated: Divya Pratap Singh (B.Tech), Prashant Flair (B.Tech)

Minisitry Of Communication and Information Technology

Participating Institutes
  • IIT-Delhi
  • IIT Bombay