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Twelfth International Conference on Rough Sets, Fuzzy Sets, Data Mining and Granular Computing (RSFDGrC_09)


Rough Sets, Fuzzy Sets, Data Mining & Granular Computing (RSFDGrC'09) is the series of International scientific conferences spanning over last 15 years. RSFDGrC investigates the meeting points among the four major areas outlined in its title, with respect to foundations and applications. In 2009, RSFDGrC is co-organized with the Third International Conference on Pattern Recognition & Machine Intelligence(PReMI'09) that provides additional means for multi-faceted interaction of both scientists and practitioners. RSFDGrC 2009 is the core component of a broader Rough Set Year in India (RSIndia09) initiative that encourages organizing rough set-related academic workshops in various regions of India. On the otherhand, RSFDGrC 2009 remains the fully international event aimed at building bridges between differentgroups and countries, including India, China, Japan, Poland, Canada, USA, Egypt and many others.


  • Foundations Applications of Rough Sets
  • Foundations & Applications of Fuzzy Sets
  • Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery in Databases
  • Foundations & Applications of Granular Computing
  • Rough Set Components in Hybrid Intelligent Systems
  • Decision Support & Decision Making Methodologies
  • Foundations & Applications of Approximate Reasoning
  • Soft Computing & Other Current Trends in Computing
  • Knowledge Technology & Knowledge Representation
  • Information Retrieval & Domain-Specific Data Analysis
  • Incomplete, Uncertain, Many-Attribute-Few-Objects Data
  • Other detailed topics related to Foundations / Applications

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